Affordable Social Modular Housing Consulting

Modern Methods of construction MMC

Offsite Hybrid Modular construction

Modularesi provides consultancy services to councils, housing associations & developers for all types of affordable & social modular housing using offsite modern methods of construction MMC.

Please contact Modularesi below to discuss your offsite modular modern methods of construction MMC needs.


Modularesi provides consulting services to Developers who are thinking of or who would like to use affordable modular offsite MMC speeding up their development build times to save themselves time and money. Developers can build their sites out quicker with the use of offsite manufactured MMC modular housing solutions so the finished units can be marketed and sold far quicker generating the developer cash flow together with saving them money on their development finance costs.

It will be determined over a conversation the different types of solutions you can use and you can decide which system may be best suited to you and your developments.

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Modularesi can assist manufacturers who have an accredited product or system and who would like to attract more customers to buy their product. Modularesi will have an initial chat with you to determine if your product or system fits in with what we feel the market and developers need. Once this has been established then Modularesi will start to offer your product or system to our network of architects, self builders and developers.

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Modularesi are happy to work with architects who would like to offer manufactured affordable offsite MMC modular housing and apartments to their clients. We will discuss the required of the chosen system so that you can design the drawings for your clients based on the modular housing solution of their choice.

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