Modern methods of construction (MMC)

Lords to debate report on offsite manufacture for construction

Today the 12th of Dec 2018 The House of Lords will debate the Science and Technology Committee’s report ‘Offsite manufacture for construction: building for change’  There […]

Home Building & Renovating Show 21-23 Sept ExCeL London FREE TICKETS

Modularesi Brochure Get your 2 FREE TICKETS to the London Homebuilding & Renovating Show! As a thank you for your support we are delighted to offer […]

London tackling homelessness with offsite modular construction methods housing.

An Offsite modular constructionb housing collaboration has been set up to provide higher-quality temporary accommodation for homeless families in London. Mark Baigent explains more Mark Baigent, is a […]

Modern methods of construction affordable building systems UK.

Housing crisis UK: 15,000 homes built in Manchester and not one is ‘affordable’.   In Sheffield just 1.4% of homes approved by planners met the government’s […]

What’s new? What matters? Is it offsite modular construction?

Dennis Seal of Buildoffsite looks at issues and opportunities facing the offsite modular construction sector, as well as the growing support for this modern methods of […]

Affordable offsite manufacturers of modular housing building systems using modern methods of construction UK

Affordable offsite manufacturers of modular construction building systems enquiries use the contact us form page.

Offsite manufactured modular homes are the future of UK housing.

Offsite manufactured modular homes are the future of UK housing if the UK IS to meet the demands of offsite modern methods of construction, it’s time […]

How to Mortgage modular modern methods of construction (MMC) offsite manufactured building systems.

How to Mortgage modular OFFSITE MMC AND MANAGING THE BUILD RISK TO MEET MORTGAGE LENDERS REQUIREMENTS. If the UK do not start to embrace offsite modern […]

Modern Methods of Construction using offsite modular construction building systems.

Modern methods of construction (MMC) is a term used to describe a number of construction methods which differ from traditional construction including offsite modular manufactured residential […]